FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Riflescope Review

FSI Sniper

FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope W front AO adjustment

Amazon Rating:  (4 / 5)

Reviewed by: Riflescopeguide.com

The FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Riflescope is a popular scope that has earned generous praise from online reviews. The manufacturer is known for producing low-end long range scopes at an affordable price, which perform quite well among their counterparts. Along with the product comes a 3-inch elongated sunshade to help reduce glare and interchangeable mounting rings as well. It also comes with scope caps. Built of durable yet lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, the scope features a one inch diameter tube and reticles in 3 different colors.



The scope’s lightweight construction allows it to be larger as it’s lighter than its counterparts that use steel. Usually, long range optics have big objective lenses. This means that when made of steel, the device could be significantly weighty which would make it unwieldy.

Ball Bearing Elevation and Windage Adjustment Turrets

The ball bearing turrets exude a superior feel as one makes their adjustments. Though the click value of the turret is ¼ MOA, the ball bearings make the device user-friendly. The turrets also come with lockable rings to allow the user to secure their chosen settings after dialing them.

Front-Focusing Adjustable Objective

The focus of the objective lens can be changed from the front. This allows one to adjust the clarity of the image to suit their needs. This comes in handy for people whose sight isn’t perfect because they don’t have to wear glasses.

Mild dot Reticle

A range estimating mid dot reticle with a choice of yielding either green, blue or red light is used. It’s similar to conventional devices and one needs to sight and range in their bullet drop. This would depend on the caliber of the firearm in use as well as the ammunition.

Scope Dimensions

The scope is 16 inches long with a weight of 26 ounces. It’s fairly large with a huge magnification capability. However, the short 3.3 inch eye relief means it would be difficult to use with high caliber rifles.

Field of View

The scope’s field of view measures between 15 feet and 4 feet for magnifications of 6X and 24X respectively. It lacks the capability to provide viewable terrain at a hundred yards. Nevertheless, it’s still sufficient for precision shooting.

Ease of Mounting and Sighting in

At 50mm, the objective lens makes contact with the barrel of a typical rifle when one uses the stock rings. This is due to the one inch tube. One can either use a riser mount or buy taller rings in order to mount the scope properly. Some users also report that the rings don’t remain straightened without minor adjustments. Though the scope is easy to sight with, one needs to remember that the adjustment turrets’ directional markings are in reverse. The turrets should thus be turned opposite the arrows’ directions. The scope remains zero when dialed in, even after firing for a long time. The turrets should however be locked so they don’t shift out of adjustment when one fires the rifle or transports it.


The scope’s rugged chassis gives it an ability to withstand the recoil from a large rifle. The nitrogen-filled barrel and lenses sealed using O-rings make the scope resistant to water, fog, reflection and glare. Some users report that the scope performs rather well even when they use it all day.

Who is it for?

Due to the variable power settings of between 6 and 24X, the scope is designed for long-range shooting. It can provide precision when one is shooting out as much as 500 yards, or even more. Some users report shooting out to close to 1500 yards. Most however report shot lengths of between 400 and 600 yards. The effective range largely depends on the rifle and ammo used as well as individual skill. The scope also works well with most high-powered rifles and does not need a detailed rail-mounting system to be used effectively. However, it isn’t ideal for hunting.


It’s hard to find a decent, functional scope that is in the same price bracket as the FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Riflescope. The rugged construction also makes it suitable for extended outdoor use. Though it has a few drawbacks, it would nevertheless be ideal for those looking for a solid scope at an affordable price.


  • Multiple features that are typically found on pricier scopes make this device a good option for those shopping on a budget. Not many rifle scopes have the versatility of the FSI sniper scope, especially considering the price points that a typical shooter could afford
  • This scope is has good stability and a crisp precision, features that most users would be pleased with. Its zoom is also quite decent.
  • Also comes with an illuminated reticle and rings.


  • The stock battery appears to have a low battery life, which means that it would likely need replacement.
  • It also tends to be dark when compared to most of its counterparts.
  • The stock rings are too small to be used with most rifles.
  • Some users are also troubled by the unusual directional markings on the turrets.