Highend Riflescopes

Nightforce 34mm ATACR Rifle Scope


NightForce ATACR 5-25x56mm Riflescope,34mm,Zerostop,.25 MOA,Digillum MOAR-T Reticle C555


Amazon Rating:  (4.5 / 5)

Reviewed by: Riflescopeguide.com

Price: $2,328.00

According to the manufacturer, Nightforce 34mm ATACR is an advanced tactical scope ideal for long-distance shooting. In addition, it is the perfect scope for all-weather hunting because it is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof. Its fogproof capability is due to fully multicoated ED glass that allows over 90% light transmission and enhances color contrast. In terms of magnification ability, the Nightforce 34mm has a range of 5 to 25 on an extra wide field of view.

To make shooting and finding targets even easier, this scope comes with illuminated reticles. Depending on target shooting needs, you can buy and use a MOAR or Mil-R reticle. At this point, it is worth noting that this scope has .250-MOA based adjustments. Finally, it is highly durable and should serve you for years because it is made from solid bar-stock aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The Nightforce ATACR will set you back about $2,300.


The Burris Eliminator III Ballistic Laser Scope


Burris Eliminator III Reticle Laser Scope, 3X-12X – 44mm

Amazon Rating:  (4 / 5)

Reviewed by: Riflescopeguide.com

Price: $1,199.99

Another major scope manufacturer is Burris renown for the phrase “Find what matters”. This phrase defines the Burris Eliminator III perfectly given its highly accurate laser rangefinder. The manufacturer reckons that the Burris Eliminator offers unparalleled combination of accuracy, efficiency, quality, and technological edge.

This is certainly not marketing speak because the Burris Eliminator III has range compensation of more than 1,200 yards thanks to magnification ranging from 4X-16X. At the same, a shooter can make parallax adjustments from as near as 50 yards to infinity making it easy to place bullet at desired point on a target.

All you would need to do to harness this power is line up a target using the Burris Eliminator laser scope and use the lighted aiming dot to guide your shot. Furthermore, you can use the Burris Eliminator’s table of common types of bullets and cartridges to help you improve shooting accuracy over long distances. In this case, the rule of thumb is to choose a distance measuring metric that you are comfortable with, yards or meters.

After this, select appropriate load figure from provided table and insert it into Burris’s website to get corresponding drop number. Enter this drop figure into your scope and you are good to go. Other impressive features include CR-123 battery, shooter-friendly ergonomic activation buttons, elevation and windage adjustment at 100 yards in 1/8″ steps, as well fogproof, shockproof, and waterproof capabilities. To make this scope part of your hunting arsenal, you will have to part with anywhere from $1,300 to $1,500 depending on model.