Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Riflescope Review


Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)
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Patented BDC Reticle — It is possible to hold impressive ‘dead-on’ at ranges thanks to the BDC reticle of the riflescope. The product is best-suited for long range shooting thanks to its exclusive see-through ballistic circles, present in the BDC reticle. However, it is also possible to take shorter range shots by using the crosshair as the aiming point.

Multi-coated optical lenses — The multiple coatings present on the lenses offers up to 98% light transmission, which is quite impressive as other riflescopes in this price range do not have this feature.

Protection from shock, fog and water — The riflescope is O-ring sealed and filled with Nitrogen, thereby making it shockproof, fog-proof and also water-proof!

Magnification Range is very versatile — This is the best riflescope for hunting because it offers a versatile magnification range. Thus, whether you’re in open prairies or in a place with heavy timber, you will find it very easy to use the item.

Bright-sight Feature — You don’t need to let unfavorable conditions get in the way of taking good images because this riflescope offers high-resolution pictures even when the conditions are terrible!

¼ MOA Click Adjustment — Heavy recoil would no longer trouble you because you can zero in faster and maintain your setting thanks to the positive-click reticle adjustments of the device.


The sleek matte black body of the scope is indeed very eye-catching. The product is one of the best in the market and it is targeted towards serious gamers and hunters. If you’re not satisfied with regular scout riflescopes then this item is bound to impress you. The 3 to 9x magnification of the lens is particularly impressive. Measuring 12.4 inches in overall length, the product is very lightweight, it weighs only 1 pound. Thus, it is extremely easy to carry this item. The accessories that are provided along with the riflescope are elevation caps, Nikon lens caps and Nikon windage. Although it is not necessary, you can also purchase additional flip-up lens to cover the riflescope. Tested and proven by Nikon Profstaff members, this product is truly a hit and is protected under the brand’s exclusive Full Lifetime warranty, therefore you can be sure that the product will prove to be an impressive one!

Who’s it for?

This one is a tactical riflescope which is meant for use by shooters, hunters and gamers. If you’re new to the whole idea of a riflescope and you wish to pick up an item that is impressive and highly user-friendly at the same time then you will find that this product would be the best buy for you. The product is so impressive that it will also amaze experienced hunters and they too would seek the product. Thus, it can be said that this product is a treasure and a must-have for beginners and experts alike.


All in all the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Riflescope is one of the best riflescopes that money can buy. With so many impressive features built into a sleek and solid body, there is hardly any scope for complaints and criticism. In fact, the product has also made it to many lists featuring the top riflescopes available in the market currently. Considering the price of the product, this one is a definite steal!


Thus, as evident, there aren’t too many cons associated with the product and these are easily balanced by the massive list of pros associated with the riflescope.


  • Compatible with other Nikon gadgets
  • The ammunition loading and aiming is more precise when using this riflescope
  • The Zero Reset feature of the riflescope easily allows the user to maintain the current setting, even when he/she is using the device on the ground
  • The multi-coated lens offers effective light presence, i.e. up to 98% – Even when the sighting speed is very fast, the riflescope is capable of zeroing in on the target – Available in two models: 40mm one and 50mm one. – The consistent and generous eye relief of the riflescope keeps the user’s brow safe, even in case of the most dangerous recoiling cartridges, severe shooting angles, lightweight rifles, etc.


It would be false to say that this product is absolutely flawless and it doesn’t come with any cons. Just like any other product, this one too comes with its set of cons, which are listed as below:

  • Flip caps aren’t provided with the unit, thereby affecting its accuracy and bringing it down slightly
  • The BDC dots present on this riflescope are smaller than the dots present on other scopes