Simmons 22Mag Rifle Scope 3-9X 32 Review


Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Reticle Adjustable Objective Rimfire Riflescope with Rings, 3-9x32mm (Matte)
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The Simmons 22Mag Rifle Scope 3-9X 32 is a very popular option mostly due to its Quick target acquisition eyepiece that offers 3.75-inch eye relief and TrueZero adjustment system. It is built to offer you much more. It features a 1-inch tube and lenses that are fully coated in addition to elevation adjustments and ¼ MOA windage for your convenience. The Simmons 22Mag also comes with an adjustable-parallax objective that lets you set the distance that you want the scope to be parallax free. The unit is designed with quality optical glass that ensures bright and sharp images every time you use it. The lens use HydroShield coating technology which enhance a clearer sight picture irrespective of the weather conditions (rainy, frosty, or dusty). Its scopes are also easier to adjust thanks to its SureGrip rubber surfaces.

Simmons 22Mag Rifle Scope Features

  • SureGrip surfaces ensures easy adjusting in any weather conditions
  • Fully coated optics and high quality optical glass that ensures bright and sharp images
  • Lens is HydroShield coated to allow you to take clear pictures in any weather conditions
  • Black matte finish
  • Adjustable parallax objective
  • TrueZero Windage and Elevation Dials
  • QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece

The Design

Once you purchase the scope, it will come in a cardboard box decorated with color graphics. Inside the box you will find the scope and its complete mounting rings. The external matte of the scope features lovely black anodized finish that gives it a charming look. The brand name (Simmons)is lettered on the left side of the adjustments turrents in silver. At the elevation knob base, you will find a red ring, which is the company’s trademark. Other details that you will find printed include the 22Mag and 3-9×32 at the top of the objective bell and small numbers that start from 3 to 9 behind the zoom ring to indicate magnification.

The unit has functional grooved receivers and tip-off rings that make it easy to mount the scope and position to any position you may like. Although the large grooved zoom ring looks a bit bulky, it turns smoothly and offers secure grip. The fast focus ring at the back of the ocular bell is easy to adjust while the rubber coating protects the eyeglasses. The scopes 3.75 eye relief is perfectly designed to ensure perfect positioning of the eye is not critical. Highly functional plastic slip-on lens caps are also included.

It’s optics are sharp and with perfect contrast for effective shooting at varying ranges. However, it is important to note that although the lens are fully coated, they are not multi-coated making it possible for a strong light source beyond the field of view to produce some flare. Nevertheless, this will not be a major issue unless you will be shooting directly at the sun. It is also easy to aim for a bull’s eye with the scope thanks to its centered medium width Truplex reticle. The reticle is creatively designed to lead your eye into the crosswire intersection enabling you to easily shoot small game animals easily. The other great aspect of Simmons 22Mag Riffle scope is that it does not change in size after changing magnification.

The scope’s fingertip windage is easy to grip and the elevation adjustments are offered in 1/4MOA click increments making it easy to adjustment magnification. The unit also has threaded aluminum caps designed to protect the adjustment knobs and prevent moisture intrusion improving its usefulness in all-weather use.

Who It Is For?

The Simmons 22Mag scope’s ability to offer increased vertical and horizontal as well as backward and forward movements behind the scope while also offering exceptional light transmission, glare control, contrast and unrivaled contrast makes it suitable for all shooters and more useful to shooters of small animals. It is also convenient for shooters who take part in all weather shooting as it offers the same high service irrespective of the weather.

The Simmons 22Mag Rifle Scope 3-9X 32 is a must have accessory as you cannot find a better scope that costs the same amount and one that offers equal or better quality. It also comes with a warranty in case it arrives in a “not working properly “condition.


  • Good build that makes it look attractive
  • Durable: It is well designed with protective aspect that makes it suitable for all-weather shooting
  • Precision: The scope lets you easily hit target making perfect eye positioning non-critical element
  • Easy Scooping in: The scope does its job perfectly
  • Affordable: Its quality and price is rare to find associated together


  • Ring: The ring that comes with the scope has attracted mixed reactions with most users disliking it but you can rectify the problem by purchasing another convenient ring. Nevertheless, it is a very useful accessory.