The Best Scope For An Avid Hunter

Vector set of highly detailed sniper scopes.[/caption]

Hunting season is here and like all marksmen you are probably looking to improve your gear. If you could only improve on one accessory alone, which one will it be? Here is one of the best tips for hunting season you will ever get; go out and buy a good scope.

It takes more than just practice to be a good marksman; if your gear is inferior, well, you aren’t getting anywhere near perfection. The best improvement you can make on your rifle is updating it with a hi-tech scope to improve your visibility. As there are thousands of brands out there, here are some useful tips for hunting season that will get you the right model for your rifle.

Optical Quality

Great hunting vision is what every hunter out there prizes, and this speaks greatly to the kind of optical quality your ideal scope comes with. What you need is lens glass that allows in as much light as possible. The latest scopes in the market today come with multicoated glass that specifically boosts light transmission into the scope. With good light coming in, the image will be brighter and crispier to the eye.

Eye Relief

Since you are out there to have fun hunting, coming back home with a black eye is not part of the equation; this speaks to the eye relief distance you get on the scope. If you can get a 3 inch distance between your eye and scope while aiming, this is enough to protect your eye from recoil injury when the rifle fires. Moreover, the eye relief should ensure you get a good view of the target without the sides getting blurry; this has to do with the objective lens size as well which we cover next.

Objective Lens

The larger the objective lens, the wider the exit pupil hence the better view you have of the target. A wide objective lens gives a wider exit pupil measurement; your normal eye has a dilation of up to 7mm for a healthy young person. This means that the best size for an objective lens is that which covers approximately or more than 7mm in its exit pupil. When you go out hunting at dawn, your eye dilates to about 7mm; a rifle with an exit pupil of 8mm is perfect. When its midday and the sun overhead, your pupil shrinks back to 2mm; an exit pupil of around 5mm is best since it allows in adequate light. Exit pupil is calculated by dividing the diameter of the objective lens with the zooming frame of the scope; for a 40mm objective lens zooming at x5 gives an 8mm exit pupil and zooming further by x10 gives an exit pupil of 4mm. This is a perfect diameter for objective lens.

Fast Power Variation

How fast you can vary the power of the scope determines how fast you lock on your target and fire. Go for variable power scopes as they give you more flexibility in accuracy compared to fixed power scopes. The latest scopes in the market come with a feature known as a throw down PCL lever; it’s found in the latest Bushnell rifle scope and allows the hunter to switch between powers fast to lock on the target.


The Reticle is the core of your scope as it is the main feature that allows you to get an accurate aim. You can have great light coming in, the best eye relief or power adjustment, but if your Reticle is dodgy, you are not killing any game. Once more just like power, go for a flexible Reticle compared to a fixed one. A well calibrated flexible Reticle improves your target estimation; the Reticle narrows down to a spot on the lens when zooming in on a target ensuring you don’t miss a mark. Some scopes give an extra feature like the horse shoe which helps your aim better in case you find the spot Reticle a bit hard to use. The Reticle for your scope need also be qualified for hunting in dark or foggy environments; this means it gets lit up when light quality is low still ensuring you hit your target.

Reticle scopes have evolved over the years and today we can talk of various Reticle models. For the tactical hunter, possible Reticle models to go for are the Horus Vision, Mildot or Nightforce models; these models are on the high end and suit the highly skilled hunter. On the other hand, if you are looking for something simple that offers amazing aim at long ranges, there are options like the Boone and Crockett Big Game, TDS, Varmint Hunters or the Ballistic Plex.

Fog and Water Proof Properties

Even on a sunny day, the weather may suddenly change and you get fog or rain disrupting your hunting. Go with the latest scopes with multicoated glass that cancels out fog or rain; when the drops hit the lens glass surface, they are reduced to tiny, almost unnoticeable droplets. This gives room for more light to enter the scope and improve the image brightness and sharpness. Also you would notice the fog proof future goes hand in hand with a well illuminated Reticle; a scope with an illuminated BTR Reticle is the best.

Scope Accessories

Now that you have all the best features on your scope, you also require the right accessories to go with it. Choose your scope mount carefully from the many options in the market. Select a mount that will hold the scope firmly onto the rifle, and one that doesn’t require a lot of handwork to get it to do the job. Part of your accessories when purchasing a scope is a lens cloth to clean off smudges when out in the wood. Taking care of the scope ensures its longevity and it will give you the best results when hunting game.

This is one of the best tips for hunting season; buy a scope and make your hunting easy. The above tips will guide you on getting what suits your rifle and hunting needs.