Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope Review

Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope
Amazon Rating:  (4.5 / 5)
Reviewed by: Riflescopeguide.com

A solid single-piece, aluminum-alloy aircraft-grade construction lends Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 riflescope its much coveted strength and resistance. The completely multi-coated optics offer crystal-clear images. The fog-proof and waterproof traits make this scope an ideal outdoor hunting companion. In fact, the low-light capabilities and functional design also makes the Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 riflescope a better buy than similar hunting tools that are two or three times its price. As a note of recommendation, buy two or three Vortex scopes (if your budget is roomy enough) and have your entire troop well-equipped for the next hunting expedition.


This riflescope is perfect for Predator/Varmint, Big Game, Long Range, Slug, and Target. The Dead-Hold reticle has a uniquely modified design that helps negate guesswork on windage and hold-over corrections. This Vortex riflescope is ideal for shooting or hunting at multiple ranges where hold-over estimations could be a bother. The 4-12×40 has argon gas at its helm. Argon gas doesn’t react chemically with or absorb water. It negates internal fogging and is capable of sustaining its beneficial traits in a variety of scenarios and environments. The gas does not diffuse too quickly like other elements, which helps extend the optics’ overall service life. The riflescope is based on the zero reset accuracy system. In other words, when hunting with this tool, you could rely on precise, fast windage and elevation alterations with tactile, audible clicks at your fingertips. The glass is extremely bright which makes viewing even at the edges much more pleasant. The adjustable back optics ensure a razor-sharp image of the target and also the reticle. The focus eyepiece works tremendously well and is quick and easy to focus.


The design of this scope oozes with elegance and functionality. It’s simple and doesn’t intend to be the ‘jack of all trades’; it has a fixed objective instead. It is rugged and designed to last long. Besides the well-mounted glass, the back optic is adjustable to accommodate different user requirements. The riflescope also renders ¼ MOA click alterations at a distance of 100 yards. Post sight-in, it also permits in a single inch box. The riflescope is light and fairly short, which makes handling much easier – and the smaller footprint doesn’t result in any ‘field of view’ compromises. The scope is made keeping right-handed shooters in mind; therefore, lefthanders would have to adjust things slightly for a convenient shooting experience. Also, it works seamlessly well with both old and new hunting guns.

Who’s it for?

This Vortex offering is ideal for people who are on a budget or purchasing a riflescope for the first time. It’s for shooters who frequently indulge in some casual hunting time and again. In other words, this scope is for hobbyists and inexperienced and also sporadic users. Professional shooters may look elsewhere.


When analyzing the features and the overall customer feedback received, this Vortex riflescope is certainly a buy. It may not be the best riflescope around and has its share of flaws, but the value on offer for the price is something competing riflescopes will have a hard time replicating.


  • The focus range, as mentioned earlier, is astonishingly great. It helps attain extremely precise cross-hair focus and also the same precision on subjects placed at a great distance. With other similarly priced riflescopes, such versatility isn’t usually there and users often have to pick between the two.
  • The riflescope offers much more value for the price it asks, especially when compared to other scopes in its range. It’s hard to understand how Vortex managed to pack in such great features in for only a few hundred dollars. Simply put, this scope probably has zero rivals within its price domain. Not to mention, the unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • The build is tough, as aforementioned, which means it doesn’t need any babying. The scope is in safe hands even when handled by kids, who are generally rough with such equipment. Just put it in your hunting bag and you’re good to go. In fact, the build aspect is something most people would take notice of initially, especially if they had been previously using similarly priced, but poorly built riflescopes.


  • The issue with this Vortex scope is that it has a much smaller “sweet spot”. In other words, eye alignment is imperative for a sharp image of the subject with zero field of view loss. This needs some cheek weld adjustments and takes many seconds to hit the bull’s-eye. The dial elevation has some consistency issues too.
  • The eyepiece could have been a bit easier to work with. You would probably have to go a bit too closer to the set eyepiece. However, this is not a common annoyance across the board. There are some glare issues as well. It’s an issue even when not having direct eye-contact with the sun. Shooting during late afternoons, though possible, can be a bit annoying, as a result.
  • Also, the parallax is rigid at around 10 yards, anything below 50 yards and the parallax turns horrible. Some complain using the scope at a 25-yard range is not possible at all. The 50-yard distance is usable, but the annoyance still exists.